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Fluhm is a start-up company with a mission of enabling the adventure-utility lifestyle.  Our electric motorbikes take you beyond your usual boundaries and then home again safely.


Fluhm is ultimately about access to the outdoors but access doesn’t start at the trail head.  It begins with products that accommodate riders of all stature.  Products that are friendly.  And products that are affordable.


We view our customers as our friends and hold honesty and transparency as core values.  We need your support and invite you to build this adventure with us.  Come ride.

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Fluhm’s first product is an off-road electric utility motorcycle called Trucker targeting the American market.  It's an approachable, versatile, and affordable electric two-wheeler.


With an adjustable seat height and smaller wheels, Trucker feels familiar like a bicycle, is friendly like a scooter, but has hill-climbing capability of a motorcycle all while remaining quiet and emissions-free.

If you typically adventure by foot, think of Trucker as a teleport that bypasses dead miles allowing you to go deeper into the backcountry while carrying more gear.  If you're an ATV rider, Trucker can open your range of opportunity by allowing you to navigate narrow paths in silence.

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Your Support

Do you like what we're doing?  We hope so and we really need your help.  Fluhm is being built for you and it's your voice that moves mountains.  Please subscribe to our Facebook page and visit here often. 


Speak up and tell us how we can create the value that you are looking for.  This is how customers, funders, suppliers, and partners work together.  Please stay tuned as we create more content and prepare for our crowd-funding campaign in 2023 to put Trucker on the road in Spring 2024.

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Andrew Hall

Founder, CEO

Andrew has spent the past 15 years designing, sourcing, and manufacturing bicycles and tricycles for the world's toughest applications.  He launched Fluhm to lead the development of a new generation of light electric vehicles that set the bar in affordability and utility.

Andrew is based in Taichung, Taiwan heading product development and supply chain.

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Tom Hall, MBA


Tom holds his MBA from UCLA and is an 11-year veteran of supply chain and marketing operations at Sony.

Tom provides Fluhm with financial and operations strategy oversight.


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